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Brand Introduce

Fujian Mindong Motor Co., Ltd. was jointly invested and established by Fujian electronic information group and the former technical backbone of Sanhe electric company in 2009. It is a mixed ownership enterprise with state-owned holding and management team shares. It undertakes the assets owned by motor (formerly Mindong Motor Factory) of Mindong motor (Group) Co., Ltd. after reorganization. In December 2014, the company was transformed into a joint stock limited company.

The company is located in the Fuan Gantang industrial and Trade Center in Ningde City, Fujian Province, covering an area of 42 mu, with a building area of 42000 square meters, and has an existing assets of more than 200 million yuan and 450 employees, and undertakes the production of all "Mindong" brand products. The main products are water pump, motor, generator, unit, etc. Among them, PW series, jet series water pump, EM Series high efficiency motor, st/stc series generator and other products are the main products of the company, and are a scientific and technological enterprise with complete independent intellectual property rights and specialized in the development, development, production and marketing of motor and water pump.

The company has the main key equipment such as high-speed punch, automatic winding machine, automatic line insertion machine, automatic continuous immersion line, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine and other equipment, and has more than 20 production lines such as complete painting, assembly and packaging, with strong technical strength and good economic benefits, and has remarkable scale and competitive advantage in the industry and industrial cluster The trend is that the main economic and technical indicators are in the forefront of the same industry, with the operating income of RMB 220million in 2013 and the expected operating income of 260million yuan in 2014.

The company adheres to the policy of "quality for survival, development by variety and efficiency by management". It has passed the certification of "quality management system" and "environmental management system", and has created a first-line brand of the motor industry. It has been awarded the following Titles: national brand reassurance, first class export industry enterprise, advanced quality management enterprise in 2012, large export of foreign trade in 2012, and technological innovation The project award, Fujian international famous brand, 2014 Ningde Municipal Government Quality Award, 2014 national motor export product quality and safety demonstration enterprise, etc.

The company is committed to innovation of new technology and new products, and has established R & D institutions such as enterprise technology center, Sanhe Pump Motor Research Institute, numerical simulation and rapid prototyping technology center, with 40 R & D personnel, including 23 middle and senior technical personnel, and enterprise center as "Ningde Municipal Enterprise Technology center" in 2013, and "Fujian provincial enterprise technology center" in 2014 Operation center ". The company also invested 8.7 million yuan and purchased technical development instruments and testing equipment: such as 3D printing system trial production equipment, motor test system, water pump microcomputer test system, motor comprehensive tester, leakage current tester, gasoline unit test system, pump product parameter measuring instrument, motor locked torque tester motor stator test system, horizontal hard support dynamic balance machine, etc More than 40 sets of hair and detection equipment. At the same time, the company hired academician Tang Renyuan as the chief scientist of the company, and also cooperated with Fuzhou University, Fujian Institute of mechanical design, Ningde Normal University, Ningde vocational and technical college and other research institutes, and fully implemented R & D and innovation with the help of external technical resources. For example, the research on integration of motor and controller, design and manufacture of permanent magnet synchronous motor is carried out, and a series of products with energy saving, consumption reduction, safety and efficiency are produced, and its own core technology has been formed. After the continuous investment of the company in technology research and development in recent years, the company has also gained many achievements, including 16 national patents and 52 registered trademarks; 3 national and industrial standards and 5 Fujian local standards; and some products have also won the provincial and municipal Award for scientific progress. The company's investment in technology research and development helps to form the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and make the technology of the enterprise at the leading level of the industry.

The company invested RMB 100 million to build a standard plant with a building area of 42000 square meters on a new site covering an area of 42 mu, and completed the relocation of the new site in 2013. At the same time, more than 100 sets of advanced and efficient high precision cutting-edge production lines, such as Shenyang CNC lathe and Beijing high precision grinder with advanced industry level, are equipped to form 20 advanced production lines such as automatic winding, inlay and integral assembly line. The existing infrastructure conditions can match the company's strategic objectives to meet the production capacity needs, and make the infrastructure development plan matching the production capacity with the full consideration of the medium and long-term strategic objectives and the needs and expectations of the relevant parties. In recent years, the company has invested a lot of money to carry out technical transformation and upgrading, and has newly configured important production equipment and inspection equipment with advanced level in the industry, such as automatic winding and embedding equipment, automatic assembly line of water pump, high-precision CNC grinder, automatic force corer, stator cold press stop and other production equipment, as well as motor test system, water pump microcomputer test system, etc The auxiliary equipment has been completed successively, including the transformation of rotor - casting four die casting machine, the transformation of eight hole group drilling machine with end cover, the transformation of rotor processing grinder, the special transformation of the precision lathe with aluminum shell stator stator mouth and other basic equipment. These measures not only effectively reduce labor intensity, but also play a positive role in improving production efficiency and improving product quality.

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