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Brand Introduce

Zhongsheng enterprise, founded in 2004, is a professional footwear company, mainly engaged in a variety of footwear products, including men's and women's shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes, board shoes, women's high heels, water skiing shoes, etc. Since its establishment, Zhongsheng has many companies, such as Putian headquarters, Dongguan branch, Germany Branch. The shoe factory is located in Hualin economic development zone. It is a garden style factory with an area of more than 60 mu and a construction area of more than 40000 square meters. It has international advanced production equipment and a professional team. It integrates design, R & D, production, testing, marketing and consulting services, integrates international designers, independent R & D and innovation, and provides design, R & D, quality control, etc. for the world's top 500 buyers Value service.

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