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Brand Introduce

Fujian Eversun Jinjiang Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JJ")
was incorporated in April 2006, in China specializing in the high-end
nylon fiber production and marketing. China Department of one of the
importing country of the world's leading nylon fiber; JJ set up to benefit
from continued growth in demand for nylon fiber products.


JJ located in the famous textile city in China - Fujian Changle. The Changle factory from the Fuzhou Port is only 18 km, 8 km from Fuzhou Changle International Airport.

JJ from the famous German man-made fibers, industrial machinery manufacturing business Oerlikon - the Barmag company (of Oerlikon-Barmag) to import advanced technology models of equipment. In April 2008, Jinjiang two 128 nylon production line. March 2009, Jin Jiang, Changle City, Fujian Province created by Nylon Industrial Co., Ltd. acquired a production line. As a result, JJ's annual production capacity to 125,000 tonnes (100 denier yarn). JJ's main products are:

 (1) nylon 6 tensile wire (FDY);

(2) Nylon 6 high cis to the wire (HOY,);
(3) nylon 6 partially oriented yarn (POY);
(4) Nylon 66 drawn yarn (FDY,);
(5) Nylon 66 high along the wire (HOY,);
(6) nylon 66, partially oriented yarn (POY).

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