C&D Inc.

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Brand Introduce

C&D Inc. (stock code: 600153) is a modern service-type enterprise with supply chain operation and real-estate development as its dual main businesses. Its businesses starting in 1980, the company was established exclusively by Xiamen C&D Group Co., Ltd. and listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 1998.
Since listed, the company has developed rapidly over consecutive years, with its operating revenue, net profit, net assets and other key economic indicators growing at annual average rate of 30% or so. In 2019 it realized business revenue of 337.2 billion CNY and after-tax net profit of 7.963 billion CNY. As of the end of 2019, its total asset was 295.4 billion CNY and net asset was 66.1 billion CNY.The company has been rated as “AAA level credit standing enterprise” and “TOP 500 of China (ranking the 34th place in 2019)” over consecutive years; it has been elected into MSCI index system constituent stocks, FTSE Global Equity Index Series constituent stocks, S&P Emerging BMI constituent stocks, CSI 300 Index sample stocks, and SSE Corporate Governance Index sample stocks.
C&D Inc. is dedicated to adding value to supply chain, pursuing resources sharing and a win-win situation through cooperation. As a supply chain operator, C&D Inc. delivers “Lift Supply-Chain Services” to customers, integrates resources needed during operation for customers, with services of “logistics”, “information”, “finance” and “trading” categories as the basis, plans solutions to supply chain operation, and provides operation service.
The company's supply chain operation service has formed advantages in metal material industry, pulp and paper industry, agricultural and sideline industry, mining industry, energy and chemical industry, mechanical and electrical industry, light textile industry, food industry, automobile industry, emerging industry and other business fields, and established business relations with more than 170 countries and regions.

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