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Brand Introduce

Founded in 2002, the company is a 100% private enterprise, enjoying a good reputation in the lighting industry. Our company mainly focuses on the production of energy-saving lighting products, including a complete set of advanced LED SMD / filament lamps and LED lamps, such as embedded downlights, shop lights, ceiling lamps, hand washing lamps, cabinet lights and outdoor lighting lamps.

Long Star lighting is honored to be the authorized manufacturer of energy-saving lighting products from many world-class famous brand suppliers. Our products are sold to more than 30 countries, mainly in North America and Europe.

Longstar lighting continues to invest heavily in our production capacity and experienced personnel with industry knowledge and understanding. To ensure sustained growth and maintain high quality products at low cost, we expanded our plant area in 2017 to provide us with 730000 square feet of manufacturing space, with more than 3500 employees and state-of-the-art technology. For example, semi-automatic assembly lines, automated chip and electronic component installers in a dust-free room environment, injection molding and blow molding, and UL approved in-house laboratories can maintain high-quality products at low cost. Our vertical integration enables us to control costs and accelerate delivery time to achieve fast delivery.

Longstar works closely with professional bodies around the world and offers products certified by UL, ETL, energy star and CEC to ensure that all products meet electrical safety and product efficiency standards.

Longstar regards LED as the most efficient and reliable energy-saving lighting technology. With the continuous development of this technology, we are committed to maintaining a leading position. Our latest products reflect the highest industry standards for lumen output, efficiency, light quality and long life performance. Our certification of credit institutions in the United States and Europe confirms this.

Our goal is to continuously improve and manage the expansion of the most competitive cost structure to provide the world's valued customers with the best quality products. We don't grow by ourselves, we grow with our customers.

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