2020-11-24 564   
Brand Introduce

Yingzi clock is a professional manufacturer of quartz clock, glass clock and related accessories. It was founded in 1995, with a building area of 20000 square meters, and more than 3000 employees have passed the ISO9001. (2000) quality standard certification system. The company has a group of professional technical personnel and management personnel, advanced quartz clock production line and product testing equipment, and a complete set of quartz clock processing equipment. With an average output value of more than 800000 sets per month, various quartz clocks can also provide customers with watch glass processing services and accessories such as Thermohygrometer and barometer. Products can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements. In order to adapt to the changing market demand. The average monthly output value of watches is more than 500000, including quartz watches, electronic watches, intelligent watches and mechanical watches.

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