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Brand Introduce

      Zhangzhou Hengli Group was founded in 1996 and covers an area of 108 acres. It is an international and comprehensive national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and brand operation of clocks, watches and electronic smart products. It has the qualifications of a national industrial design center and a China Light Industry Watch Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering Technology Research Center. It has become a top ten enterprise in China's watch industry for five consecutive years. It is a vice chairman unit of the China Watch Association and the chairman of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce for Household Appliances and Watch Export base The unit, the chairman unit of the Zhangzhou Clock and Watch Industry Association, the chairman unit of the Zhangzhou Non-Party Intellectuals Association, and the member unit of the National Watch Standardization Technical Committee, participate in the formulation and revision of a number of international, national and industry clock standards.

      The group focuses on R&D and innovation, and has many patents. It has six series of leading products: mechanical watches, quartz watches, quartz clocks, radio-controlled clocks, electronic clocks, and smart watches. At the same time, it has developed and established its own brands MOVEBEST, COMTEX, Nuovo NUOVO is committed to developing into China's leading watch brand technology enterprise.

      The group consists of Zhangzhou Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd., Fujian Hengli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Hengli Watch Co., Ltd., Fujian Taopin E-commerce Co., Ltd., Fujian Hengli Watch Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and Li Chuanghai Silk (Fujian) Watch Industry Industrial Design and Research Co., Ltd., (Hong Kong) Hengli Electronics Co., Ltd., Japan Hengli Co., Ltd., Fujian Huasheng Watch R&D Design Co., Ltd., Kangte International Co., Ltd., etc.

      In 2016, the "Fujian Haisi Watch and Clock Museum" was founded. It is the first non-state museum in Zhangzhou. It is based on Zhangzhou's deep watch industry foundation, supplemented by the theme of "clock and watch culture" as a starting point to integrate cultural creativity and characteristic tourism. , Was named "Fujian Tourism Factory". In 2018, a time-themed cuckoo restaurant was created. It is the only time-culture-themed landmark in Fujian Province that integrates tourism + culture + industry with the theme of clock culture and reflects the characteristics of the entire Zhangzhou clock industry. "Sightseeing Park", and serves as a popular science education base for watch culture, an off-campus base for innovation and entrepreneurship, and a training base for "school-enterprise cooperation"

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