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2020-11-25 592   
Brand Introduce

Established on September 5, 2003, Zhangzhou Chenzi Trading Co., Ltd. is the first private foreign trade enterprise in Zhangzhou city and an international supplier of professional canned food. At present, one belt, one road area, is exported to more than 130 countries, namely, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Russia, Spain, Holland, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, Chile, Bolivia and Sri Lanka. In 2019, the export volume of canned goods is 55200 tons, with an export value of about 666 million US dollars (about 450 million yuan), accounting for 14.06% of the total can export of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, which is the capital of China's cans; it accounts for 2.49% of China's total export of consumer goods, ranking second in China. Among them, the export volume of canned mushroom of single product ranked first in China for 9 consecutive years, that of canned corn for 12 consecutive years, that of canned litchi for 11 consecutive years, and that of canned fish ranked third in China for 10 consecutive years.

The company exports a variety of canned products, driving about 19000 rural families and 58000 farmers to plant agricultural and sideline products, and driving about 3000 industrial workers to work. According to the consumption of 10 kg cans per capita per year, about 5.8 million people in the world enjoy the canned food exported by Chen Zi company every year. Our website: www.tanco.com.cn  More detailed product information can be obtained.

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