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Brand Introduce

QILOO INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, was founded in 2004, is an Internet of Things integrated service operation provider. QILOO upholds the brand concept of "Intelligent technology creates the smart life", have made brilliant achievement in brand-building and intelligent technology, and achieved great success in the global market.
Under the background of the "Industries 4.0" and "Made in China 2025", in 2013 year QILOO transferred the current strategic target to the field of smart wearable product. Introducing QILOO global security intelligent positioning SAAS system and basing on years of technological researches, QILOOconstantly upgrades the intelligent technology products, keeps to improve the QILOO Internet of Things networking technology service, to create the biggest database of QILOO Internet of Things and provide all round service to the customers.
In order to develop company brand in the field of intelligent wearable product, QILOO invited DreamWorks Studios famous screenwriter DEREK IVERSEN to launch 520 sets of cartoon "Qiqi and Lulu" with technological background. Creating a strong QILOO brand comic animation IP, to complement QILOO intelligent strategy and stimulate all-round development of QILOO brand.
After more than 10 years of international market development, QILOO successfully obtained the ownership of trademark in the 92 member states of the Madrid Protocol of WIPO, has also created a large international sales network in more than 20 countries and regions.
Nowadaysbasing on intelligent technology and comic animation IP technology, QILOO provides more convenient and smart Intelligent of Things services to Chinese consumers and customersall over the world, offersdifferent intelligent wearable products including smart shoes, garments, bags etc.
QILOO,Intelligent technology for smart life,make life more beautiful!

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