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Brand Introduce

Fujian Minfa Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a leading aluminum processing company in the Haixi plate and a listed company on the SME board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 002578).

The company is the editor-in-chief of the national standard GB5237 "Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles", GB/T6892 "Aluminum Alloy Industrial Profiles" and the international standard ISO28340 "Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Composite Film" and a research and innovation demonstration base. It has a national-level central laboratory, a Fujian Province Aluminum Profile Spark Industry Technology Innovation Center, and a Fujian Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. The company is at the industry’s leading level in terms of technology research and development, product quality, and production technology. The production and testing equipment all represent The domestic and world advanced technology level.

The company's main products are aluminum alloy doors and windows, curtain wall building profiles, industrial profiles, architectural aluminum templates and aluminum veneers. It can also undertake deep (precision) processing of various aluminum profiles according to customer needs. The main product varieties and surface treatment methods include oxidation coloring, electrophoretic coating, powder spraying, fluorocarbon spray paint, broken bridge insulation, wood grain transfer, high-end appearance drawing, polishing and dyeing, steel shot sandblasting, etc. The company's products have covered large and medium-sized cities across the country and have been exported to more than forty countries and regions in the world.

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