2020-12-22 503   
Brand Introduce

Fujian Quanzhou Justsun Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Xiamen Justsun Group. It settled in Nan'an City, Quanzhou in 2011. The company focuses on the import and export of bulk commodities such as clothing, footwear, luggage, plumbing, electronic products, and comprehensive foreign trade services in the supply chain. business. Relying on the favorable geographical advantages of Quanzhou, export performance has increased year after year. In 2017, the customs import and export data was 230 million U.S. dollars, ranking sixth in the foreign trade industry in Quanzhou and first in general trade. Quanzhou Jiasheng is deeply engaged in the Quanzhou market, serving Quanzhou entities, and actively experimenting and innovating in various aspects such as the construction of foreign trade supply chain service platforms. It is at the forefront of the foreign comprehensive service industry in Fujian Province. The company has been rated as a customs AEO senior. Certified enterprise, provincial-level foreign trade comprehensive service pilot enterprise, and one of the top 100 service enterprises in Quanzhou.

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