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Brand Introduce

Xiamen K-power sports co.,ltd. was established in 2004. As a modern international fitness equipment company, it has a consumer demand-oriented brand concept, a corporate attitude of excellence, and excellent products and services with innovative technology. It is a global fitness and sports-loving company. People provide a healthy and happy lifestyle, which creates the greatest possibility of achieving self-worth achievement, which is an attitude and aspiration to inspire life.

We develop and design corresponding fitness equipment to meet the sports habits and characteristics of healthy sportsmen in response to the needs of healthy sports in different countries and regions. Our product brands include KPOWER and KONLEGA, which together bring you high-quality and fruitful The fitness exercise effect of the company covers more than 400 varieties in ten series, including exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers, weight beds, massage machines, rowing machines, space walkers, supine boards, strength training devices, and comprehensive fitness equipment And other series.

We have always been adhering to the concept of "healthy, happy, happy life" and won the love and favor of global consumers. We were successively named "Xiamen Enterprise Technology Center" in 2011 and successively named "China" in 2010-2015. Top Ten Light Industry Sports Goods Enterprises"; 2011 and 2012 were rated as the most growing small and medium-sized enterprises in Xiamen for two consecutive years; 2012 was rated as a "high-tech enterprise"; 2011-2015 consecutive years were awarded "10 million tax Large households above RMB 10 million in 11-14, 20-50 million in 15-16, and 20-50 million in 15-16; in 2013, it was rated as "China's fitness equipment manufacturing industry exercise bike demonstration manufacturer"; in 2013, it was rated as "China's top 100 light industry enterprise".

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