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Brand Introduce

Fujian Dehua Xie Guangyang Pottery Co., Ltd.: Founded in 1995, it is located in the city gate of Dehua County, the famous porcelain capital. It is a foreign-funded enterprise cooperating with Singapore Hip Fat Holdings Pte Ltd and Japan Koyo Pottery Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 44.8 million yuan. The main products are high-end daily-use Western food stoneware accessories and Jianbai Hotel series products. The company has successively passed the assessment of many famous companies in the United States, Europe, South Africa and other well-known companies and the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

The company has a full set of Japanese automatic daily-use porcelain production lines, printing technology for direct printing of blanks, and automatic control of oxidation and reduction of the burning tunnel kiln. It has the characteristics of high level of automation, continuous and large-scale production. The current annual output can reach 15 million pieces.

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