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Brand Introduce

Greenfresh Food Co., Ltd. invested and built by Hong Kong Lvxin Hydrocolloid Marine Technology Co., Ltd. in mainland China, and has a large-scale production base. The group owns "Lvxin Algin Production base, Luqi Algin Production base, Lvbao Algin Production base, Indonesia Algin Production base, Haiyi Konjac Production base, East Bay Seaweed Farming base, Luqi (Xiamen) Marine "Biotech" has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries, and also has 2 joint venture subsidiaries of Lvqi Trading (Shanghai) and Shengxi Biotechnology (Shanghai). The mainland headquarters is located in Anshan Industrial Park, Zini Town, Longhai City, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a professional R&D center for red algae processing technology, a high-tech enterprise, and a provincial-level enterprise engineering technology research center.

Lvxin Group specializes in the research, development and production of carrageenan, agar, konjac gum and compound products. For more than 20 years, the group has been motivated by science and technology, continuously optimizing production technology, innovative thinking, and developing advanced production equipment. In 2018, according to reports from professional authorities, our agar products ranked top among agar manufacturers in China and the global market, and our carrageenan products ranked top among Chinese carrageenan manufacturers.

As a link in the food chain, Lvxin Group's alginate raw materials are mainly derived from high-quality Eucheuma, Gracilaria, Gelidium, and purified konjac gum from natural non-polluted waters in Southeast Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Select green raw materials from the pollution-free mountains in southwest China, and check the quality from the source. Through advanced processing technology and perfect extraction technology, products of excellent quality are produced, and the quality fully meets the requirements of the national standard EU and other domestic and foreign standards.

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